Useful phrases for the introduction of an essay

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“Make an introduction (state the problem)”.

Here two sentences are enough since The body of the essay will be voluminous. You can refer to the reader, urging him to reflect on the problem of the essay. For example: “Have you ever wondered if you’ve been able to pay?” Or you can simply identify the problem: “He has been subject to a heated debate lately.”

Here are some more useful phrases for entering a topic in the introduction:

“It is common knowledge that …” – “Everyone knows that …”.

“The problem / issue / question of … has always aroused heated / sharp disputes / debates / discussions / controversy” – “The problem … has always caused lively debate.”

“The sight of somebody * … is familiar to everyone. But have you ever wondered whether …? ”- “The view (of someone doing something) is familiar to everyone. But have you ever wondered … whether …? “

“Our modern world is unthinkable / unimaginable / inconceivable without … However, our modern world is unimaginable without … However, there are many people who believe that it does not matter/question the importance of … questioned. “

“Let’s speculate what makes you think so” – “Let’s think about what makes them think so.”

“There has been a dispute on … Let’s speculate who is right: to proponents/defendants/ fans of … who claim that … or the opponents/adversaries, who believe in …” – “There is a discussion about … Let’s think about who is right: advocates (something), who claim that … or opponents who believe in … “.

“… has become an integral/inalienable/ imprescriptible part of our life. Let’s speculate, however, what stands behind it”-“… has become an integral part of our life. But let’s think about what is behind this.”

“New technology and advances in … have raised ethical dilemmas” – “New technologies and advances in … have led to a dilemma affecting the ethical side of this issue.”

“… gaining increasing popularity today, many people dispute its benefits for society “.

“It is often difficult to choose between … and …” – “It is often difficult to decide which position to hold when it comes to the debate regarding the choice between … and …”.

“Development in … seems to have had an adversary effect on …” – “Development in … seems to have the opposite effect on …”.

In our case, you can write the following in the introduction: “The world has often heard of sports dollars awarded. “It should not be so high.”