What features your essay has to have to be perfect?

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“The essay should be as personalized as possible. It’s boring to read works that are full of common phrases is a waste of time. You still don’t understand the personality of this candidate.”


The only way to make the commitment to discerning the image of a particular person behind all documents is to add an element of personal, unique, unique to your essay. Your essay will immediately become more interesting and attracting attention. They will help to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.


Everything that you write, it is necessary to confirm with examples, to make links to your experience. Details will make you interesting, unique, specific.

Distinctive features / Originality / Something interesting, funny.

According to experts, “applicants should not be afraid that they will go beyond what is permissible, it is better to be themselves. Very often they are concerned about whether they can make the right impression, so they take away everything that makes them outstanding. So safe, in terms of applicants, writings are quite tiresome to read. “

You do not have to joke to be interesting. However, try to use all the means at your disposal so that your compositions will be remembered.


The expert commission does not tolerate participants who like to splurge. It will be better if you reflect the true state of affairs. At the same time, do not emphasize your shortcomings, although they are present in your character. You have to be honest, but positive. Respond about yourself and your qualities only positively! The so-called “weaknesses” should be presented as follows: “before it was my fault, now it has turned into a positive quality.”

Literary work.

Representatives of expert commissions love such essays, which are a pleasure to read. “Make sure yours is easy to read. Give him a little more time: check whether your thoughts are consistent, whether they lead to the logical conclusion of the topic.”

“Humor is a great tool, but use it wisely. A sarcastic or audacious tone is often annoying. The real humor is art; it is a sign of good taste.”

Small promised retreat

Well, now, for schoolchildren and younger students, and for all those who have read this far: on the fingers, in a nutshell, a little secret essay: an essay is about-just! This is only an essay! Only it is even simpler because it is: little-lazy-to-ee and can be without prefaces, prologue, epilogue, content, bibliography, set-up, and other literary wisdom and long explanations. All this is not-for-but-for-but! Immediately write what you want to report – short and clear.