What is essay and the primary signs of it?

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The word “essay” came into Russian from French and historically goes back to the Latin word exagium (weighting). French ezza can literally translate the words experience, trial, attempt, sketch, sketch.

An essay is a prose essay of a small volume and a free composition, expressing individual impressions and considerations on a specific subject or issue and obviously not claiming to be a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.

“Big Encyclopedic Dictionary” gives the following definition: “Essay is a genre of philosophical, literary-critical, historical-biographical, journalistic prose, combining the author’s emphasized individual position with a relaxed, often paradoxical presentation, focused on spoken language.”

“A brief literary encyclopedia” clarifies: “An essay is a prose work of small volume and free composition, which treats a particular topic and represents an attempt to convey individual impressions and considerations one way or another connected with it.”

Some signs of an essay:

the presence of a specific topic or question. A work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems, by definition, cannot be performed in the genre of essay.

The essay expresses individual impressions and considerations on a specific subject or issue and does not pretend to be definitive or exhaustive in its interpretation of the subject.

As a rule, an essay implies a new, subjectively colored word about something; such a work may have a philosophical, historical biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, popular science, or purely fiction character.

In the content of the essay, the author’s personality is first of all evaluated – his world view, thoughts, and feelings.

This genre has become popular in recent years. The creator of the essay genre is M. Montaigne (“Experiments”, 1580). Today, the essay is offered as a task quite often. It is one of the main components of a package of documents (upon admission to an educational institution or employment). An essay contest helps you choose the best from the variety of the best!

It is important to write an essay for a young specialist.

How the candidate managed to submit himself, how he described his achievements and mistakes, allows the employer to determine whether this person is good enough for the business, whether his work experience is sufficient to meet future expectations and benefit the company (organization, enterprise).

The purpose of the essay is to develop such skills as independent creative thinking and a written statement of his own thoughts.